Thursday, 28 November 2013

Body Shop Aloe day and night cream

 These are the Aloe soothing day and night cream from the body shop and they are basically moisturisers.
I'll start with the day cream so this is a moisturiser that's gentle on the skin doesn't leave you feeling greasy.
its colourless fragrance free and alcohol free. 
I've found it to be really good for dry skin. but its also nice as an all over face moisturiser. If you have super oily skin then id still say that this is fine to use. If you don't give your skin any moisture then it will produce more so its good to moisturise no matter what your skin type.
It's a fairly light, so its great to use before you put your make up on in the morning.

This is the smaller 15ml pot which is around £4 but a little goes a long way

The night cream is the same price as the other one and has pretty much the same qualities, but the difference is that the night cream is thicker in consistency than the day cream and is a lot more moisturising because of the richer texture.
Ive been using this throught this month and its helped my skin loads and with the winter coming/already here for some its keeping my skin in good condition.
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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Rimmel Kate moss lipstick

This is one of Rimmels Kate Moss lasting finish lipsticks, in the shade 19 Rossetto.

This is a beautiful lipstick, it's a berry toned pink, it looks a lot lighter in the bullet than it actually is. I like this because if you want you can just apply it quite lightly and if you have a naturally redder toned lip then this looks like your lips but better.
I wouldn't say that this is as glossy as it comes across in the pictures on the Rimmel site and its not matte either. If your are wearing this darker, then you might want to use a lip liner Rimmels lip liner in the shade black tulip would go well with this lipstick. 

I really think this colour looks quite sophisticated and also its a great autumn/fall to winter colour this lovely berry shade will compliment most skin types.

As you can see here I have quite fair skin and I really love this shade. If your in the UK you can get it in Boots or Superdrug and if your in the states, or else where you should be able to find them in your local drug store.  And it's only £5.49.
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Friday, 8 November 2013

Barry M natural glow palette

 So this is one of Barry M's new palette from their new palette collection
this one is call the natural glow palette this is the one I think people will like most its full of some nice natural tones

 So this pallet contains 6 eyes shadows which are all beautifully pigmented and a blush, it also comes with a mirror and some applicators.
There are a few shimmery tones and some matte shades. That this would be great for anyone just starting out with make up.

 Here are the shades in the palette
 My favourite shade is the purpley mushroom colour on the end on the left, I do have to say that I wasn't really much for the blush I just found that it was a little chalky and also I wouldn't really use the applicators i prefer to use a brush or clean fingers but I do really like the palette and it has a good price tag of £6.49
you can find this palette here at Boots/Barry M palette

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