Thursday, 30 January 2014

Santoro London make-up bag

As a late birthday gift I received this extremely cute make-up pouch/pencil case.
This is froma brand called Santoro London which is a sort of boutique shop in London they produce these unique styled items which are very high quality.
 I think this is such a cute little make-up bag, purse or pencil case I love that it has a different image on each side, it looks very cute an innocent.
I love this little antique trade mark zip and the way this had been designed is just feels and looks really nice.
This particular case I couldn't find on their site, I assume they either don't sell it anymore or you can only find it in store.
They ship to anywhere in the UK and to the USA mainlands so you can order online Here. They have some really beautiful pieces, from Bags, to stationary, to clothes. They do get a bit pricey on some items but judging by the quality of this, it's going to be worth the spend.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Urban decay smoked palette swatches

So the last post was a review on the urban decay smoked palette, you can read that Here.
But this time I'm going to be showing you the swatches of the colours. Just going to keep this short sweet.
From left to right on the top row we have. 
Kinky, Freestyle, Mushroom, Backdoor and blackout
Mushroom is my favorite shade from this row.
On the bottom from left to right we have.
Barlust, Rock star, Evidence, Loaded and Asphalt and then we have the 24/7 liner in Perversion.
My two favorite shades here are Barlust and Asphalt. After these swatches this liner would not come off so that's a bonus if you have problems with your eyeliner wearing off or smudging.
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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Urban Decay Smoked Palette

This is what the palette looks like in its box.
Then when you open it you have three things.
you get the palette obviously then you also get this nice little manual that shows you where to put certain colours to create a look. I really like how it has annotations on the different parts of the eye.
You also get a small tube of the primer potion which is always good, so I'm happy about that. Then you get one of their full size 24/7 liners which is very intense and creamy but lasts a long time even in the water line.
This palette is absolutely beautiful, I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to wear the blue and green, but the rest I know I will get good use out of. The ones I have used most so far are Kinky freestyle and mushroom which are the top three on the left and Barlust which is the bottom left shade. The bottom row and mushroom are all very shimmery but it is fine shimmer, but I loves me a bit of shimmer.

The only downside with this product is the packaging its not as nice as I would have expected and I hate that its cardboard but other than that I love this product.
I will be doing a follow up post soon showing swatches and for those of you who don't know I post every Monday and Thursday.
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Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Pressed Powder that works for £1.99

One of my friends a while back recommended a pressed powder to me that she had used and really like. Me having very fair ski,n find a lot of face powders to be slightly to dark or orangy on my skin, She told me that this one has very light shades.
And this product is, the Natural collections pressed powder in the shade Neutral. I had never tried anything from this brand before and so I bought it for £1.99, and I have to say its pretty good for the price. 
You get in here 10 grams of product which is fairly decent.
 The packaging isn't bad either in fact I would say its better than the Rimmel stay matte powder all together, I'm not saying the Rimmel one isnt good but I like this one better.
I just apply this with either a puff sponge of a fluffy powder brush and they both work well.
The product inst at all chalky it blends nicely into the skin and just give that matte effect, I also like that it dosnt cling to dry areas on your face like some face powders can. This is actually the second time I have purchased this Powder.
Overall this is a good product and for less than £2.00 you cant complain, its also a good buy if you are just getting into make-up and don't want to spend much money.
You can find this product at Boots

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Monday, 13 January 2014

LOREAL Skin Perfecter 3-1 miceller solution

I've heard good things about this product, so I was exited to try this. I've been using this for about 3 weeks now and as you can see I haven't used much at all, so this will last me a good few months.
The 3 claims that this cleanser makes is that 1. dissolves make-up. This claim is 100% true it's very good at even removing waterproof make-up, 2.unclogs pores and removes impurities, I have noticed that my pores do look a lot cleaner so this is a true claim too. Lastly 3. Tones and soothes, again I do think it does the job after using this my skin does feel cool and slightly tight. 
I do really like this product and its very gentle on the skin so perfect for all skin types.
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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Urban Decay Naked Basics

This 6 shaded palette was a gift that my boyfriend gave me for Christmas and since then I have just fell in love with it.
First of all I want to say that the packaging on this product is so sleek, I love that its the type of palette that clips shut instead of having a magnets and made out of cardboard. I love that Its a nice sturdy plastic and it feels very nice too. I don't own the other naked palettes, but everyone has good and bad opinions about the packaging.

The colours do look very neutral but they are "Basic" colours which is the name and my opinion of this product is that it I'll get a lot of use from it. I have used this almost everyday since Christmas, it's just perfect natural colours and they look great on everyone.  
 My favorite shades are Venus and Faint, all the colours blend easily together and you can use brushes or even a clean finger to blend, it works just as well.
I also like that they induced an almost black shade. its perfect for liner when you don't want something as harsh as black, or even for making a smokey more natural look.

This palette comes in at £20 which isn't bad for a higher end brand, but obviously if you are on a budget I would recommend the Barry M natural glow palette which is around £6.50 so better if your on a budget. The Urban decay palette is completely worth the money, so if you can stretch your purse to get it then you should.
You can buy the Urban Decay Naked Basics from Sephora if your in the US or from Debenhams if your in the UK.
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