Thursday, 27 February 2014

Top 5 Affordable Face and body Scrubs

I'm going to share with you my Top Five Affordable Face and Body Scrubs. Just a little disclaimer non of these products where sent to me and this post is not sponsored.
Scrubs are Important to keep the skin exfoliated, It helps to get rid of dead skin cells so that the new skin can breath and stay healthy. They also help to clean out pores and can prevent breakouts.
I find a lot of Scrubs especially facial scrubs to be really harsh on the skin, so if you have quite sensitive skin then these will be good for you.
 So starting at the bottom we have a Coconut body scrub from the body shop I talk about this so much It's a lovely creamy body scrub with Cocos Nucifera Shell Powder this is what gives it the exfoliating pieces and its not too harsh.
Next is the Mango body scrub, which is more like a sugary scrub. It contains mango seed oil which leaves your skin really soft and smooth without that horrible greasy residue. The main reason I love this is because of  the mango smell its amazing, almost good enough to eat. I am tempted but that would probably be a bit weird and taste gross.This is a miniature which I found but I've been back to the body shop since I bought this and they don't have the smaller one anymore so I'm not sure you can still buy the small ones.
I know some people will be like a foot scrub? but yes a foot scrub because your feet need love too and its really good for getting dead skin off your heels and balls of your feet. It smells of peppermint which is nice, personally I don't like most foot products because they smell horrible, so this was a nice difference if you like peppermint and this was £7 also Body shop.
This you may be thinking "What the bleep is that" Basically I think that lip scrubs are a waist of money so I'd rather make my own. It's basically extra virgin olive oil and sugar mixed together and then I rub it on my lips. The sugar is to exfoliate and the oil I to moisturize and soften the lips, I wouldn't recommend you use this if your lips are cracked but if they are just take some oil and rub it on. And you have a free lip scrub from your house hold ingredients.
Last is this Face wash from Johnson & johnson I really love this because it's gentle and effective. The way it works is that it contains micro beads which exfoliate the skin and clean it freeing it from dirt and helps get rid of black heads. I've noticed that my skin has also cleared up from acne really well after using this. I think this was £2.99 from Boots

So that my top 5 Body scrubs, let me know if you liked it and remember to comment telling me your favourite Scrub and subscribe for more.
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Monday, 24 February 2014

Lily Lolo Eye Blending Brush

This brush is the Lily Lolo eye blending brush. What I like about this is that the brush handle and bristle length isn't too long so it's easy to use if you want to be precise.
 I bought this wanting to try out a new blending brush, it was £5.99 from or you can buy this from the Lily Lolo website Here. I was expecting it to be a bit fluffier and not to flat sided, but actually when using this it was very soft and did blend eye shadow quite well.
Because the brush is flat sided it's good for getting the shadow in the crease or blending it in the crease to create depth. The bristles are made from synthetic hair so is vegan friendly. It also feels very nice to use and I like how it says what the brush is instead of a number. I would recommend this brush if you don't want to go spending a lot of money on brushes, all their brushes are really affordable and good quality. So if your in the market for some new brushes you should go check out the Lily Lolo website.
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Monday, 17 February 2014

A change for the better

When I used to watch films that I would always pick out the fact that they always had a happy ending. This made me feel well cheated, as children we watch all these films like Cinderella, Aladdin, the little mermaid etc. They all paint that picture that everything would be alright, they don't have all the life worries that we have.
So I came to the conclusion of what's the point in letting children watch these films, to fill their heads with nonsense. Don't get me wrong I loved all these films but in some way it felt depressing to me that watching these films made you wish that there was a fairy god mother to make your troubles go away.

I then thought to myself although it's rubbish that fairy tales aren't real and just because you don't have a fairy god mother, doesn't mean you can't get what you want in life. It's nice to believe in them because if you have nothing to believe in then your lost. 

Basically what I'm trying to say is that if you have a more positive attitude toward life and just go for things then you will be rewarded back. It could be in experience or new friend or a job. If you want something go out and get it.
I'm changing how I think about life so that I can stop feeling sad and make the happier times come to me. You just need to keep focused on what you want and if you work hard then you will achieve what you want.
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Monday, 10 February 2014

My Pamper evening Products

We all love a good pamper evening in, I'm no exception so I will show you what I use.
Most of these are affordable budget items so anyone can use these products.
So firstly I start by using this shampoo which is the Herbal essences Ignite my colour shampoo. I really love this shampoo, it's not really anything fancy but it does a really nice job. This product contains Botanical silk, which cleans your hair really well and leaves is really soft.
You can find this at Superdrug Here
This may or may not be limited edition, let me know in the comments bellow if anyone knows.
Also whilst in the shower every now and then I use the coconut body scrub from the body shop, this exfoliates my skin without being to rough and scratchy,
Scrub /£12.50, Body Milk/£8, Coconut Eau de toilette £8.50 and White musk body powder/£6
You may notice a few body shop products here, just a disclaimer that I am not being sponsored by them. The Coconut scrub lasts a good amount of time, I think I've used this 6 times and I haven't even got half way yet.
After a shower I like to use either my White musk body powder or the Coconut milk body lotion, I love the powder because it has a really nice scent but when it's colder I normally use the coconut milk lotion, I like that its like a spray top, so that you just get the right amount out and also it's nice and light and absorbs quickly. This is good if you don't like body butters.
After just for that extra fresh coconut smell I like a spritz of the Coconut Eau de toilette
£1!!!! You can find these in Superdrug, Boots or online.
I find that a face mask is always part of any pamper evening and I really love these from Montagne jeunesse, They smell amazing and feel really nice on the skin and my favorite part is peeling it off when it's dry. These are also suitable for Oily skin.
Night cream/£4 15ml and Toner water £3.95 100ml
Lastly I like to finish of with some Toner from Lush. This one is Breath of fresh air and it's a nice, well fresh scent, you can feel it slightly tighten your skin but not to much.
And then The Aloe soothing night scream from the body shop, which is a nice rich cream that isn't too thick that moisturizes the skin. I mainly use this on the odd dry patch or under the eyes and it works wonders.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tanya burr Lip gloss

There has been a lot of hype about this collection and I too was exited, Tanya Burr is one of my favorite You Tubers and I was so pleased and exited to hear that she was bringing out a Nail polish and Lip gloss line.
I just got one so that I could try them because I am not a big fan of lip gloss, I find many glosses to be very stick and drying and just not really that nice.
This on the other hand I do like. The first thing I noticed was the packaging, I just feels very nice to hold its just very smooth. I like also that it has Tanya's signature little heart on the lid top.
When I first opened it I also noticed it has a really nice scent, like strawberry laces another plus for this product.
Here I have the shade chic which is this beautiful peachy nude, this one doesn't have any shimmer so is good if  your going for a more sophisticated look. For me this gloss is a my lips but better shade.
You can see here that it has a really pretty shine and isn't too wet feeling when you apply it. Also I've noticed that it wears really well, I was wearing this and then had some dinner and a drink and when it wears away it doesn't go patchy. It just goes sort of matte but the colour is still there.
I am glad that it has the doe foot applicator and not one of those gloss brushes, this is much nicer to apply and overall considering I'm not a gloss person it's a nice product. This was only £6.99 from feel click Here to go ti the site. Also Tanya's new line will be coming to Superdrug stores soon.

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Monday, 3 February 2014

Maybelline mega plush mascara

I don't know about you but, when I buy a mascara I want it to give me big voluminous lashes. why? so I can fan people with them of course, why else lol. I love that false lash effect, I don't have the time every day to put false lashes on so I want a mascara that does the Job.
Okay granted your never gonna get lashes that look as good as false lashes but I can try.

This is what the mascara and wand looks like, this is the new flexor brush and I have to say I do like it. The brush is very big so when applying you have to be careful if you are a little shaky, so you don't get it on you lids.
When you apply this it goes on really nice its their new gel mousse formula, which I really love because it doesn't make your lashes feel all crispy.
This offers a great amount of volume and I love the way it makes my lashes look and its not clumpy.
This was £7.99 from Boots you should be able to find this in your local drugstore.
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