Monday, 31 March 2014

March favourites

 Firstly I cant believe it's nearly April so much has been happening recently I hardly have time to post any more, but im trying my best to make sure there's new content up. On to my favourites, recently I've been using my sleek blush in rose gold loads because it's getting to the spring, summer time. It just give a ice subtle hint of shimmer and colour.
Next we have 2 hair care items, the first is the Tresemme vibrant naturals shampoo which has been great for hydrating my hair, I really like this because it's one that helps to repair and protect your hair against heat. The other is the Charles Worthington dry shampoo, this is just a really nice dry shampoo it is a bit more expensive that batiste but it doesn't leave you with that white cast in your hair. There is a post on it HERE.
Next there's the Good things stop that spot clearing gel which is an amazing treatment for those horrible under the skin spots. There is a full post on that HERE
Then there's the L'oreal paris miceller cleansing water, I love this because it's very gentle on the skin and it doesn't leave any horrible residue, it's non greasy and you can buy it from Boots, Superdrug or your local drug store. There's a full post on that HERE.
This is a none beauty favourite but these where just a genius idea and they taste amazing, it is basically a cracker with chocolate around it. I like them both but I think the Lu one wins. If you havent tried one yet and you live in the UK then you need to try one.
My last favourite for march was going to the Royal Opera House in London it was just a great experience and not something you do everyday If you want to read more about it then I will link the post HERE 
Thanks for reading I hope you liked this post. Leave me a comment bellow telling me what your favourite thing in march was.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Revlon colour burst lacquer balm Review

So Today's post is a review on Revlon colour burst lacquer balm. This product got a lot of hype and I was looking forward to this coming out.
I had really high hopes for this product because of all the hype, so when I got it I really wanted to like it but I just didn't. The shade is 105 Demure and it is a lovely shade, that's not what my problem is with this product.
The big thing and the reason I didn't like the product was because it has this horrible tingle when you put it on. Some people like that but personally it irritates me. It also has a minty scent which I don't mind I just get past that tingle. Some people do like that because the tingle is supposed to create more blood flow to the lips to make them fuller. So if you like that then this might be for you.
As you can see by the pictures bellow it is a beautiful, soft. nude/pink with some shimmer. Perfect for paler skin tones or even if you have a nice tan. This was £7.99 from Superdrug but you can also find these in Boots and if you are quick Superdrug have these on sale for £5.99.
There are my thoughts on this product let me know if you would like more reviews or any other posts, also if anyone knows if the matte balms have this same tingle then let me know.
Thanks for reading.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Going to The Royal Opera House in London

As you may remember in a previous post I said that I was going to the Royal Opera house in London again, this time it is to see a ballet called Sleeping beauty.
It took around 4 hours to get there by coach and as we got into the middle of London we where greeted with a shocking site of a lady doing some very provocative dancing in one of the parks and dare I say showing a little to much. Apart from that shocking and inappropriate site London was a very busy place with lots of nice old buildings.
Once we reached the Opera House we went in to look at the work created by other people the whole reason for this trip was because of a live project by the Opera House and we all had to create the work.

Here are a few pieces of work by other people who where short-listed they had to create the stage set up, the make-up and costumes. 
Here is some of the things around the Opera house.
And here is a picture of the auditorium .
Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed this post 
Disclaimer: All work featured here isn't mine but the photographs taken are my own.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Good things Stop that spot clearing gel

 I picked this up from boots a while ago and I didn't really think much of it, so it just got left in the drawer never to be seen again.
Then about a week ago I had one of those horrible under the skin spots that are really painful, but never break through. I remembered I bought this and didn't really use it, so I dug it out and used it and it almost instantly soothed it and then I applied this 3-4 times throughout the day, the spot went down so much in just 1 day of use.
 As you can see it is a clear gel its not one of those really sticky ones it's one that dries after a few minutes and you cant feel any residue. You can use this under your make-up which is a good thing, I't does say on the box not to put this on spots that have broken the skin.
This spot treatment contains papaya which is a good source of vitamin A this helps by removing dead skin cells and break down inactive protein. It also contains Acacia berry extracts which is good for helping hyper-pigmentation and scars that spots can leave behind.
It also has a cosmopolitan beauty award for 2011
This product is really inexpensive as it is around £5 from boots or the Good Things shop.
So if your in need of a new spot treatment I hope this helps.
Thanks for reading
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Monday, 10 March 2014

Charles Worthington Style Setter Dry Shampoo

 I'm a lover of dry shampoo, I think it's such a saviour to make your hair stay looking fresh between washes. I usually use batiste but, when I was in boots they had a 3 for 2 on all hair care and I wanted to try something new. I came across this miniature dry shampoo from Charles Worthington and thought I'd give it a go. 
First of all the smell is quite nice it's sort of perfumed but it's a fresh smell and it doesn't overpower your perfume or anything. The smell is just pleasant another great thing is that this product is safe for coloured hair. 
So on to how it works, we all know the drill, shake well, spray on roots, rub in and then brush through. On the directions for this however it doesn't say to rub in. I definitely think that you still need to rub it in, but it isn't like batiste, where you get that pure white cast that you really have to work into the hair.

 You can buy this product from Boots Here if you are in the UK they don't sell this 50ml one Online so you would have to find that in store. This 50ml can was roughly £2.19 and the 100ml is £5.99. Compared to batiste I don't think I would pay that for only 100ml but it is definitely a good product.
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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Interview 101

So this week I have had a few Interviews and I want to share with you some advice for going to interviews and how to prepare.
First thing make sure you know the time and date of your interview. write it down on your calender or  somewhere you can't lose it or, in your phone even set a reminder.
Next you need to get together things you may need for example, Birth certificates, national insurance number, certificates or even a portfolio. (Which you may need for a university interview)

Once you have all materials you need, start thinking about the questions you will be asked. I'm going to list some of the most common and give you a way to answer them that could fit you. These answers may not work for everyone, it all depends on the job or course you have applied for.

1.Tell me a bit about yourself? 
This question you simply answer with what you are doing at the moment, if you are in education or in employment talk about that. You then need to tell them what your hobbies are that could be anything from drawing to doing DIY. 

2. What is a positive about yourself?
This one should be something practical, your good at organisation, time keeping, your friendly or approachable. Just something that is generally true but will also please the Interviewer.

3. What is a negative about yourself?
With this question you need to be careful not to say anything that will compromise your chances of getting the job or a place. The way to go about it is to say something that used to be a negative and now isn't so much. for example, I'm not very confident speaking in groups of people but working at such and such a place has helped me to become more confident. 

4.Why do you want to work or study here?
This is a very open question and differs for every place but the key is to research the place for instance, if the job is at a local supermarket then you could say that you would like to work as part of your local community. If its for university then you could say that the facilities are good and you like how there is a sense of community. If you have never had a job before you an also say that you would like to gain experience and that you feel that there company would be a good starting point.

There are other questions you may be asked but these are the 4 that you are almost guaranteed to be asked. There is a 5th question at the end which is. Do you have any questions for us? 
This question I have a great answer which I think should be asked and that is. What is it like to work/study here? When I asked this in my recent job interview they looked quite surprised at that question but they answered and they thought it was a good question.
You can look online for other questions with a quick search which I think everyone should do.

After you have done all your question research and MADE NOTES take a break, let your mind relax and have a cup of tea.

After you have had a break go over your notes and try and think positively. When the interview date comes around you want to make sure you get an early night and that you are up and appropriately dressed for the interview. You want to arrive roughly ten minutes before you interview starts. 
The last 2 things you need to remember are smile and that nothing bad can happen to you in the interview.
I hope this helps thanks for reading 
Deeanne xxx


Monday, 3 March 2014

February favorites!!!

So this month there's a few things that I've been loving and using a lot so firstly the two fragrances I've been using loads an loving is Beyonce Heat perfume. This is a warm scent but it's also not too young and girly. I just love this and have been wearing it almost every day. Secondly the other fragrance thing I have been loving it the body shop strawberry body mist, it smells so yummy and sweet. I like spritzing this on after a shower or just to freshen up at the end of the day.
I also like the packaging of both products.
Next is two nail polishes that I've been using and am still wearing now which is the Barry M Nail paint in Vivid purple paired with this beautiful shimmery gold nail polish from the Kelly Brook collection in new look called Stunners. I've been wearing Vivid purple on all but nails except the ring finger which I used the Gold polish on.
Next is this mug I got for christmas and I love the little design on it, but more importantly it's nice to drink out of. If you Love to drink tea then you will also know that there is always one mug that you like better than the rest. It sounds crazy but it's true.
As far as eye shadow goes I am still loving the Urban decay Naked Basics palette, it's just everything you need for everyday eye make-up. I have done a more in depth post about this Here 
I also have another favorite which is an old favorite that I have recently been using again, It is a body shop Eye shadow. I don't know if the body shop still have this one, I have looked on line and couldn't find it. It's a very light grey shimmery shadow. it looks beautiful all over the lid or even for an inner corner highlight. This one is shade 15, one that I have seen that is similar is the Colour crush Eye shadows in shade 005 Steal my heart.
Last but not least is a game on the Nintendo 3DS that I love and have been playing way too much which is Animal crossing new leaf. There's all sorts of things you can do on it, from fishing to bug catching and now you can go swimming and diving. If you liked games like harvest moon or games that are real time then you will like this. Its all about the little details such as designing your home, the aurora which looks beautiful and is so cool in a game and having a nice coffee in the roost. Here are a few picture taken myself to show you.
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