Thursday, 28 August 2014

Preparing for university

Its coming up to September and If you are going to university there will be lots for you to do assuming you have checked your UCAS and now have your place then we can move on to what's next. starting with the most important.
Your student finance, you should log in and make sure you have given them all the information that they need and if you have already done that, in the payment schedule part it will give you a list of what you get paid and when and will also tell you if it goes to you or the university.

Next you need to see what you need to do for your course if there are any assignments that need to be done or if you need to bring anything in on your first day and also, there may be some information about any upcoming trips and a list of books you may need for your course. You can find this on the university websites by following reinvent links to your course.

If you have trips that you will be going on in the first semester make sure you find out early when and where you will be going so that you can budget for it. If there are bigger trips that may occur in the second semester make sure you find out if you need a deposit for this and when and how much you need to pay for it. 
For the Book list you wont need to buy all of these you can rent them from the university library and you won't need to read them before your course starts unless you are told to. The books can cost a lot of money so it's probably better to borrow them from the library.

You may also find it helpful to start logging in to the e-vision portal, you should have had an email with your username and password and from there you can get extra information. I have found my timetable for my first week so I can see a bit more clearly what's going to be happening and when I need to be there. You may need to go to enrol a day or so before you start your course mine is on a Sunday so be prepared to go even on the weekends.

My next post will be about how to budget your expenses as a student and will be in two posts the first for students living at home and the second students living away from home.
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