Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Gorgeous chocolate chunk cookies

I really enjoy baking and I haven't done a baking post yet, so today's post is going to be How to make chocolate chunk cookies.
200g of Butter, 300g of sugar, 1 egg, 75g of cocoa powder, 275g self raising flour, a dash of milk and two bars of chocolate, these can be any type you want white, milk or dark chocolate. 
Next you want to preheat the oven to 200°C
First you need to put the butter and sugar in a large bowl and mix together, until it's almost smooth and creamy. Then add the egg and mix it all together.
Next add the self raising flour and the cocoa powder into the mix, you can sift this if you want, I did but I don't think it's necessary, then mix this until it all comes together. At first it will look to dry like it won't come together, but keep going and it will, if it is a little too dry then add a splash of milk. 
Then chop up the chocolate, I would say break it into the cubes and then cut in half, then combine this with the mixture thoroughly. 
you need to then line 3 baking sheets with baking paper and then grab a small ball of cookie dough and roll into a ball shape then place 4 to a tray and press a cube of chocolate  on top of each one.
Next place the cookies into the oven to cook for 10-12 minutes. Once the time is up check them by pressing lightly with your finger, they should feel really squish but not leave a mark, thats when they are ready.
You don't wan't these to start going brown-er or harden. 
You need to leave these to cool on the trays for at least half an hour, if you try and move them while they are warm they will just fall apart.
These where amazing, even when cool they just melt in the mouth and packed full of my favourite thing CHOCOLATE! If you haven't made these before then you need to they are heavenly, if only it was acceptable to eat these for each meal. I didn't take a presented picture of these because my family where in on the cookies like vultures and they where gone before I knew it. 
 I hope you enjoyed this post and if you make these then tweet me @alittlebirdee1

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