Tuesday, 2 December 2014

No7 Advent calender day 1 and 2

 So you may or may not remember the short post I wrote not long ago about the No7 advent calender and well now it's finally December so I get to open it now. So every 2 days I will be writing a post about what I got in the calender and what I think of it and at the end I will let you know if it was worth £35. I am in no way showing off just letting you know whether they are worth the money and maybe you wanted to buy one and weren't sure but then maybe this will help you for next year.

So for the first day of December I got the skin Illuminator, this is obviously something you would wear underneath your foundation for a bit of glow or you could wear it as a highlighter, I wasn't too fussed about this product because I don't wear highlighter much but I would probably wear it more during Christmas. 
 2nd of December 
This day I opened and I got a high shine lip crayon, this I was quite exited for this is the time when I mostly wear lipstick and this is a really nice nude pink tone and I think that its a really great tone for all skin types and really nice for when your wearing a bit more on the eye's. I'm quite happy with today's little gift but you don't actually get that much product in the tube which is a little disappointing.
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I used Fotor to create these pictures 

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