Monday, 8 December 2014

No7 advent day 7 and 8

Day 7
On this day I received an eye shadow, its a nice taupe shade with a hint of shimmer nothing major and I think that this would be nice for everyday wear. The packaging of it could be a bit better though I don't like how there is all that extra plastic around the pot, but it's sturdy so I can get over it. The actual shadow feels really smooth and blends well.
 Day 8
Today I got this No7 beautiful skin exfoliator which I will be interesting to try, you can see there that it has little pink exfoliating beads, this is a 15ml tube so a good size you could probably get between 2-4 uses out of this depending how sparingly you use it. I really like both of these gifts, they are things that I will use. 
Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed and come back on Wednesday for more of the No7 advent calender posts.

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